Who we are.

Naturea is a Portuguese company founded in 2010. Our goal is to develop and provide a global benchmark feed for pet diets. All daily work of Naturea team is based on a transversal idea: naturally appropriate pet food. This is not only our concept, but also the inspiration and development starting point for our formulas. The first ingredients in all of them are meat or fish protein, originally fit for human consumption.

Our family range includes cat and dog food, wet and dry, carefully prepared for maximum care in all life stages of our friends. Our ingredients are exclusive from European suppliers, with their origins perfectly traceable. They are carefully selected and prepared for an optimal health and well-being on all references. From our kitchens till your friend’s bowl, Naturea is the result of a great passion for pets.

What moves us

Since the beginning that the people involved on the development of Naturea has one thing in common: the passion for pets. More than something that could be learned, it’s a collective spirit at work. We all have in mind that healthier pets will spread the happiness and will make more smiles, pranks and joyful moments. It’s like a group vocation, passed by the company culture. It's our way to make a better World.

Did you know that dogs and cats are carnivores closely related to wolves and lynxes?

Unlike herbivores and ruminants, carnivores have a short, rather acidic 
digestive system, specially designed to digest meat. The cheaper and most common brands include corn and wheat in their diets due to their low cost. But this can carry risks for pets, since these grains are known as source of problems like obesity and skin allergies.

Naturea follows the Naturally Appropriate concept, creating food based on what our furry friends really need. We only use European ingredients, originally fit for human consumption. Our meat or fish is complemented with sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and seaweed, and are always low in carbohydrates.

The physical well-being of our dogs and cats is proportional to the quality of their meals. By feeding them with our delicious recipes, we are offering it a balanced and healthy life.

Besides the benefits for our furry friends, complete and healthy meals provide them more fun and time with all the family. You just have to add more love to those moments together and enjoy your best friends unconditional friendship.


Promoting and caring
of Nature and ecosystems.

All our recipes are produced in Europe, this means that all our factories are under the most scrupulous laws and production procedures of the world. The ecological request and respect for the natural environment and ecosystems are under constant scrutiny.
 This requirement doesn't always serves us best in terms of price, but the cost of not doing all we can to be better, would be too expensive for our conscience.

As an example, our range of wet cat food is produced in a cannery in Galicia, northern Spain. The plant uses energy from wind power and runs its own fishing fleet ensuring a sustainable fishing catch in the Northern Atlantic. Naturea follows the Dolphin Safe Program Earth Island Institute.

We also contribute to a Portuguese program of reforestation, implemented in our country after the wildfires of the past summers. Naturea buys hundreds of trees every year, enriching our forests while compensating our carbon foot-print.

Our list of care and standards goes beyond the aforementioned examples and reflect our work and effort in being a responsible brand. The use of only recycled paper in our communication materials, the adoption of ISO standards for procedures for handling, PEFC certificated papers and inks, or BRC Food Certificate are also some of the numerous procedures that make natural part of our daily concerns and routines.